Why choose a satellite dish instead of a caravan aerials?

You may ask “what are the advantages of a satellite dish as oppose to caravan tv aerials?” You may assume it is far too complicated and time consuming to install a satellite dish every time set your caravan pitch.

There are many advantages to watching TV through a satellite instead of a caravan aerial when travelling. Once installed, there should be no problems with reception unlike an ordinary aerial which is prone to interference and bad reception. The picture quality should be a crystal clear digital picture every time. If you travel further a field you can still receive your local regional BBC channel. A big advantage when you travel with your caravan abroad is you can still receive British TV and Radio in Europe.

The choice of both television and radio is far greater on satellite compared to an ordinary caravan tv aerial. If you already subscribe to Sky, you can take your Sky satellite receiver with you and watch all the same programmes you subscribe to at home.

You will also have a far greater chance of receiveing television pictures on you caravan tv, through a satellite system after the UK-wide Digital Switchover. This will greater decrease the possibility of receiving a signal using traditional television aerials.