Portable Satellite Touring Kit & Dish

Our portable satellite dish touring kits are everything you need to receive portable satellite TV and radio in your caravan or motorhome. With it you will be able to watch up hundreds of TV channels for free with no contract and no subscription required. You will be able to receive a clear satellite signal in over 99% of the UK. Once you set up your satellite there will be no more fuzzy pictures or hours spent fiddling with the aerial trying to receive a better signal.

There are three sizes of portable satellite dishes available, depending on how far you plan to travel, with the further from the UK requiring larger dish sizes.

  • The standard 40cm portable satellite dish will be perfect for most of the UK and Northern France.
  • The 65cm portable satellite dish is suitable for all of the UK & Ireland as well as Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and most of France and Switzerland.
  • The 85cm portable satellite dish will work well across most of Europe for Sky, but you will lose the BBC and ITV channels once you move into Southern Spain.

We also stock the highly desirable, lightweight and discreet clear acrylic portable satellite dishes, in the 65cm and 85cm sizes.

If you are planning to use Sky+ or run more than one satellite receiver off your satellite dish you will need to upgrade to a Quad LNB. This LNB has four satellite outputs.

The portable satellite touring kits comes with a standard steel tripod. You can upgrade to a light weight aluminium tripod. Then there is the deluxe aluminium tripod made by Maxview. This is a much more robust design with a retractable upper mast section to increase the height. The upper mast section rotates freely for ease of use and to aid dish alignment.

The satellite touring kits comes with its own satellite finder meter, compass and instructions to help you align your dish.

There is a window fly lead that allows the satellite cable to be run through the caravan window avoiding the need to drill holes. You can increase the length of cable you require according to your caravan.

If you wish to make the satellite set up more permanent you can order a Maxview weather proof socket. The socket attaches to your caravan for connecting the satellite dish.

We have not included a satellite receiver in the basic price of the portable satellite touring kits as many customers already have a receiver, such as Sky or Freesat. You do however have the option to add a satellite receiver to your order.