Motorhome TV Information

By its name, you may think that Sky4caravans only caters for the caravanning public. Well this is not actually true. Portable digital satellite television can be utilised by anyone wanting to travel around the UK and even across Europe, from lorry drivers to canal boat users, and of course this also includes motorhomers.

All equipment sold here at Sky4caravans applies to motorhome owners and caravaners alike. Our portable satellite touring kit can be used in exactly the same way, using the same instructions and set-up procedures, to receive motorhome satellite TV.

However we do have roof mounted satellite dishes that are specifically for the use in motorhomes. These can be found under the ‘Roof Mounted Satellites’ section, found in the links to the left. So, as a motorhomer, you can be watching crystal clear digital satellite tv from your motorhome even in the most rural parts of the UK and Europe.

These roof mounted motorhome satellite TV systems, as the name suggests, are attached to the roof of a motorhome and are considered a more permanent fixture to the structure of the motorhome. These dishes are easily set-up and aligned from inside the motorhome, and are effectively folded away when not in use or travelling. Specific instructions are supplied along with these products as their set-up procedures are slightly different to those of the conventional portable satellite touring kits.

So if your motorhome tv system is not giving you a satisfactory picture, have a look at the Roof Mounted Satellites page.