Magic Eye Installation

The Sky Magic Eye is a smart device that allows you to watch satellite television in another room in your house or caravan. It sends a TV signal from the satellite receiver to your second television through a co-axial cable. The satellite receiver also sends a small 9 volt current through the co-axial cable to power the Magic Eye.

When channels are changed in a second location the magic eye picks up the remote control instructions. These are then sent back through the co-axial cable to the satellite receiver.

To install a Magic Eye

  • Run a length of co-axial cable from the satellite receiver to your second TV location.
  • On each end of the co-axial cable you need to fix a co-ax plug. (Make sure that the outer braiding on the co-axial cable does not touch the inner core as this will cause a short in the lead.)
  • Put a coupler on to the second output of the satellite receiver marked RF2. Now plug the co-axial lead into the coupler.
  • The other end of the co-axial lead needs to be plugged into the Magic Eye and the Magic Eye then needs to be plugged into the back of your television.

Now you will need to tune your television into the Sky channel. If you are not sure how to tune your TV you will need to refer to the instruction manual that came with the television.

On the satellite receiver where your main television is you will need to change the settings to send a 9V current to the Magic Eye. To do this:

  • Press the green “Services” button on the remote control

Sky Guide System Setup

  • Next press the number “4” “System Set Up”.

Sky Guide System Setup

  • Now press the numbers “0” then “1” followed by the “Enter” button.
  • You should then have the”Installers Menu” in front of you.

Sky Guide System Setup

  • Now press the number “4” “RF Outlets”
  • Scroll down with the green arrows to “RF Outlet Power Supply”

Sky Guide System Setup

  • With the right hand green arrow on the remote, change the “RF Outlet Power Supply” to”ON”

Sky Guide System Setup

  • Scroll down to the “Save New Settings” and save the changes by pressing enter.

Sky Guide System Setup

This means that your satellite receiver will now be sending a small 9volt current out of RF 2 to your Magic Eye.

If you go back to your second television you should now be able to use your Sky remote control to operate your Sky receiver and change the channels etc, as with your main television.

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