How To Install a Satellite System

We have tried to make the instructions as clear as possible. For your satellite television to work effectively in your caravan you need a clear view of the southern Sky (approximately 145 degrees on a compass in the UK). So bear this in mind when positioning your caravan at a new camping site. An easy way to do this is to consider where the sun will be approximately at 11:00am. If your caravan satellite systems is in the sun and not the shade at about 11:00am, you will be able to receive a perfect signal.

A satellite finder meter should be used as it allows you to locate the optimum signal strength and quality. It is relatively easy to install a sky system without a meter, but for a small outlay of rouhgly £6, why not have an easy life and an accurate alignment every time!

Click on the links below to arrive at the correct page for your type of satellite dish and receiver.

Do you have a Sky or Freesat Receiver?