European Satellite Dish Sizes

Below are maps with satellite dish size requirements for reception of British or Sky TV in Europe. This information will allow you to watch satellite tv in europe via your caravan or motorhome. Also with the equipment supplied in aPortable Satellite Touring Kits you’ll be able to view europe satellite tv, though we do not provide instructions to view anything other than Sky or freesat (BBC & ITV) services.

However these are difficult to read and can only be used as a rough guide; the exact dish size can vary depending on the channel you wish to watch and your exact location for using sky digital in Europe.

A 40cm satellite dish will be adequate for the majority of the UK, except the northern most parts of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides.

A 65cm satellite dish installed correctly will work perfectly well in Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, Western parts of Germany, Northern Italy and Northern Spain.

With accurate dish alignment watching sky tv in europe is available and can be received throughout most of Northern Europe with a 65cm Satellite dish. If you are travelling further afield to places like Spain, Portugal and Italy an 85cm satellite dish would be required.

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