Cable Entry To Your Caravan Using Extra Flat Window Lead

Your caravan or motor home is often your pride and joy. It has usually cost you a considerable amount of money and you take a lot of care of it. It is therefore something that you may not wish to start drilling holes into. Here at Sky 4 Caravans we have a simple solution to the problem of running the co-axial lead from the LNB on the end of satellite dish outside, to your Sky/Freesat satellite receiver inside your caravan.

The easy answer is to run the co-axial cable through a window. No drilling, no holes in your caravan or motor home, no problems with warranties being made invalid and no risk of damp seeping in through the holes you have made. The ‘Extra Flat Fly Lead’ is as the name suggests a flat piece of co-ax cable, (Sometimes known as a ‘Window Frame Cable or Ribbon Cable’). It’s about 30cm long and allows you to shut the window, with out damaging the cable or ruining the satellite signal. It is easy to use with F-connector sockets at either end. You just screw your cable running from your satellite dish into one end and then connect a small lead the other end to run from the window to your Sky/freesat satellite receiver inside.