About Us

Hello, my name is Nigel Watson and I have been working in the aerial and satellite industry since 1992. A number of years ago my father purchased a motor home for holidays around Europe. His friend had also recently purchased a motor home and after a while they spoke to me about receiving TV and Radio in the new motor homes.

After discussing their requirements, my advice was for them to purchase a small satellite dish. They looked at me like I was mad and explained they only wanted something simple to pick up a television signal. I tried to explain that a satellite dish was the simplest and easiest route and had many advantages over a normal television aerial. They were not convinced.

My father’s friend then decided to look on the internet for more information. He discovered David Sullivan’s very informative website satelliteforcaravans.co.uk. He was still not persuaded as there was such an array of options. In the end I purchased the equipment that I thought was most suitable for their requirements and demonstrated how to use it. Then I watched as they then set up their new equipment. Both seemed very surprised at the ease and simplicity of the process. Since then my parents have travelled to France, Northern Spain and around Ireland in their Camper Van receiving satellite TV signals.

After a little thought I decided it was worth considering setting up a website to show the benefits of a satellite dish for your caravan or motor home and supplying the equipment required; as well as providing any additional information you may require. I am sure you will find the information on this website beneficial and will help to improve the quality of your travels.